Construction begins on the new “Les Arts” public school, developed by LICAMPA 1617

  • The plan is to invest 8 million euros in its construction and to open the new space at the 2021-2022 school year
  • The new school will have large open spaces with lots of natural light, sports areas, and green areas throughout the premises. It will include an outdoor garden and glass hallways looking out onto landscaped interior courtyards
  • Approximately 30 suppliers are involved in the construction project with more than 150 people employed in the building phase
  • This new infrastructure is part of the project to build a multipurpose arena in the city of Valencia as well as other infrastructures to benefit the neighbourhood

Valencia, 13 November 2020 – Licampa 1617 S.L., a holding company of Juan Roig, is starting construction on what will be the new “Les Arts” public school in Valencia, thanks to a public-private partnership. This new infrastructure forms part of Juan Roig’s Sports Patronage under the Licampa 1617 project to build the Casal España Arena de València, a high-quality, sustainable indoor venue of national and international standing to hold sport, cultural, and entertainment events, as well as other infrastructures such as this new school, to benefit the neighbourhood.

The company plans to make a charitable investment of 8 million euros to build this new and modern space, out of an estimated total project cost of 220 million euros, which will be paid for in full from Juan Roig’s personal wealth.

ERRE is the lead architect for the project to build the new school, located on a plot near the current “Les Arts” school (specifically between Calle Ángel Villena, Calle Blas Gámez Ortiz, and Calle Antonio Ferrandis). Approximately 30 other suppliers will also be involved. Together they will provide employment to more than 150 people in the building phase.

The main features of this new school for preschool and primary education include large open spaces with lots of natural light, an increased number of classrooms (from 15 to 20), a variety of sports areas, and a garden area in the exterior courtyard.

Environmentally, in addition to a commitment to plant vegetation throughout the premises and the corresponding benefits for those who use the school, for example, improved air quality, a series of other green measures have also been taken. These include LED lighting and motion detectors in specific areas and dropped ceilings made from plant-based fibres to improve insulation and reduce noise pollution. The building also features large glass spaces that make the most of natural resources by letting in natural light, glass hallways that look out onto landscaped interior courtyards, and natural cross-ventilation in classrooms. Finally, the project uses high-quality materials with easy-to-clean hygienic surfaces with a constant focus on maintenance and sustainability. 

Víctor Sendra, Managing Director of 1617, thanked everyone involved for their hard work and noted that “their involvement has made it possible to hit our goal of officially starting construction in November with the aim of starting this new and modern space in the 2021-2022 school year”. Likewise, he explained that kicking off this project “fulfils another one of the commitments offered and accepted in the concession of the plot where we will build the Arena, something of which we are very proud”.

The Deputy Mayor and Councillor of Development and Urban Renewal, Sandra Gómez, pointed out that it is an important project for both the city and the Quatre Carreres neighbourhood, before thanking the company for its part in getting the project off the ground as soon as possible. For Gómez, this is an example of “a public-private partnership that benefits the general interests of citizens”. She explained that City Hall had worked efficiently to bring to life a project with an unquestionable economic and social impact for Valencia.

Meanwhile, the General Director of Educational Infrastructure of the Valencian Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, Víctor Garcia, stated that “it’s great news to see construction starting on the new Les Arts School and to hear that the surrounding community will have the new facility available for the next school year”. He added: “This schedule allows them to stay in their current location this school year and then move to the new facility without interfering with their educational routine, which is even more important in the current context of the pandemic”.

Once construction on the new school is completed, the plan is to demolish the current school and to use that plot to build some of the project’s other infrastructure, including a public park with green spaces and a parking area. 

Patronage of Juan Roig’s Legacy Project

Licampa 1617 – Casal España Arena de València falls under the Patronage of Juan Roig’s Legacy Project, and like its other initiatives, such as the Marina de Empresas, Fundación Trinidad Alfonso, Valencia Basket Club, and L’Alqueria del Basket, it aims to share with the city of Valencia and the Valencian Community the bounty Roig has received from it.

Master plan of the new “Les Arts” public school in Valencia
Rendering of the sports areas of the new “Les Arts” public school in Valencia
Rendering of one of the glass hallways
Rendering of one of the glass hallways