Juan Roig durante el inicio de obras 02

Juan Roig visits the start of works of Casal España Arena of València

  • It is called “Casal España Arena”, with the aim of positioning the city and the wider Valencian Community as a world leader in entertainment
  • The planned investment, which is Juan Roig’s personal and altruistic investment, amounts to 220 million euros for the total financing of the project, of which 26 million euros are planned for this year, in order to contribute to the economic recovery
  • The venue is promoted by Licampa 1617 Ltd, a company set up to build the Arena in Valencia, and it is expected to be open in 2023

Valencia, 29 June 2020 – Juan Roig, accompanied by the team of Licampa 1617 SL, a company established with his personal assets to promote the construction of an Arena in Valencia, visited the start of works on this multipurpose complex this morning. It will host first-class national and international sporting, cultural and entertainment events.

This project, which is Juan Roig’s personal and altruistic initiative and the result of public-private initiative and collaboration, is now starting to be built after several years of efforts, work and enthusiasm by all the technical, social and political agents involved. It formally began in July 2018 when it was declared to be of ‘general interest to the city of Valencia’ with the unanimous political support from the all City Council members through a joint motion.

The name of this complex was presented today, “Casal España Arena”. A Casal is a gathering place for the residents of a district to celebrate. It represents the essence of activities that take place in Valencia’s neighbourhoods. This is what will be represented by the Arena, which is a meeting point at which thousands of people will come together to enjoy sporting, cultural and entertainment events. España (Spain) is part of the name because the complex does not only represent the city of Valencia. Rather, it also reflects the wider Valencian Community and the rest of the country. ‘España’ ensures its international significance. One of our objectives is for the complex to become a tourist attraction that complements the extraordinary range of attractions found throughout Valencia, the wider Valencian Community and Spain. Arena is an international concept that encompasses the venues, pavilions and covered stadia that are specifically designed to host first-class sporting, musical or cultural events, offering huge visibility and accommodating a large number of spectators.

Juan Roig said that he is “very satisfied with the commencement of works on this project, and with the speedy proceedings carried out by the Administration to make it real, as it will reactivate the city’s economy, while contributing to raising the visibility and reputation of Valencia and the wider Valencian Community. When we started this entrepreneurial idea, we always knew that our initiative, apart from being sustainable, had to be a joint project that would add value to all Valencians. Today, “Casal España Arena” is starting to come true.

This Arena, which is located on a 21,000 m2 plot between Calle Ángel Villena, Calle Bomber Ramon Duart and Calle Antonio Ferrandis (alongside L’Alqueria del Basket and the Pavelló Font de San Lluís), will occupy a total constructed surface area of approximately 47,000 m2. It will have a maximum capacity for 15,600 spectators in basketball mode and 18,600 spectators in concert mode. In addition, the project includes an underground and above-ground car park with approximately 1,300 parking spaces. The project is also foreseen to include the construction of the new headquarters of the Valencia Basket Club as an annex to the main building, a 1,200 m2 multi-purpose room, various restaurant areas and a wide range of premises, terraces and Premium zones.

The investment foreseen for this first year, which will be funded entirely from Juan Roig’s personal assets via the society Licampa 1617 SL, is 26 million euros. The entire project is expected to cost 220 million euros. Licampa 1617 SL will define de management model according to the needs of the project in every stage.

The project will include the construction of a covered complex, a new car park and a series of complementary infrastructures that will rejuvenate the neighbourhood, such as a public park with green spaces and the construction of a fresh and modern infrastructure for the ‘Les Arts’ state school.

Patronage of the Juan Roig Legacy project

“Licampa 1617 – Casal España Arena” is part of the Juan Roig Legacy patronage project ‒ which includes the Marina de Empresas, Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, Valencia Basket Club, and L’Alqueria del Basket. It seeks to share with the city part of the huge revenues received from it.

A complex in Valencia that will create wealth and will benefit the surrounding area

In addition to these benefits for the city, the latest report by Ivie (Valencian Institute for Economic Research) estimates that the project will create the equivalent of at least 300 direct and indirect jobs, and have an economic impact of over €10 million every year for the city of Valencia.