Patio de primaria

Licampa 1617 ends the works of the “Les Arts” public school and invests 8 million euros

  • Students and teachers will start the 2021-2022 academic year at these new, modern facilities
  • The new, environmentally-friendly and sustainable centre has large open spaces with plenty of natural light, green areas all over the premises and different sports and recreation areas with the aim of ensuring students’ comfort and well-being
  • The project, which forms part of Juan Roig’s Legacy, has been completed on time thanks to the efforts and commitment of everybody involved
  • Approximately 30 suppliers have been involved in its construction with more than 150 people employed in the work phase

Valencia, 06 September 2021 – Licampa 1617 S.L., a Juan Roig’s company, ends the works and adaptation of the “Les Arts” public school, after investing over 8 million Euros in these new infrastructures. By handing over the keys in time for the students and teachers to be able to start the 2021-2022 academic year at these new, modern facilities, the Company has fulfilled the first milestone of the Casal España Arena de València project, a city project which is a part of Juan Roig’s Legacy and plans to give Valencia a multifunctional facility that is unique in Spain and abroad to hold any type of event, as well as additional facilities, such as this new school, to revitalise the local area.

About 30 suppliers were involved in constructing this new school centre. Works began in the middle of November 2020, employing over 150 people during the work phase.

This new school, located on a plot close to the previous one (between Ángel Villena, Blas Gámez Ortiz and Antonio Ferrandis streets) and created through public-private collaboration will be publicly managed and is for pre-school and primary school students and the number of classrooms has been extended from 15 to 20, extending capacity by a further 400 students. The building, characterised by large open areas that provide good natural lighting, has been constructed using high-quality materials and has different sports and recreation areas and fruit and vegetable garden, with the aim of ensuring comfort and well-being for students.

The facility has been designed with sustainability and environmentally-friendly criteria and a number of environmental measures have been implemented, such as solar panels, vegetation planted throughout the facilities to improve air quality, suspended ceilings with vegetable fibre panels to reduce noise pollution as well as LED lighting, motion sensors and various sunlight control and natural ventilation mechanisms to reduce energy consumption.

Knowledge and money bring happiness… if you share them”. Casal España Arena de València, a city project

The next step in this city project is to demolish the school’s old facilities planned for the second half of 2021. Another milestone for this initiative starting at this point is to construct a 20,000 square metre public park with green areas that will be a gateway between the Arena and a car park with over 1,000 spaces.

Licampa 1617 – Casal España Arena de València falls within the framework of Juan Roig’s Legacy Project and, like its other initiatives, such as the Marina de Empresas, Fundación Trinidad Alfonso, Valencia Basket Club, and L’Alqueria del Basket, Roig aims to give some of the profits it receives back to the city of Valencia and the Valencian Community, because “knowledge and money bring happiness… if you share them”.

Aula de infantil
Pre-school classroom of the new “Les Arts” public school in Valencia.
Patio interior
Inner playground of the new “Les Arts” public school in Valencia.
Detalle edificio
Detail of the “Les Arts” public school building in Valencia.